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And a hat to match

I made a hat to match my Stasis jumper and socks. I cast on 114 stitches, with my favourite alternating cable cast on, ribbed a bit, knit 4 rows plain did the yoke colour chart from Stasis and cast off. I particularly like the way the cast off swirls. 

I finished this on the train to Ballarat for Ballarat beer fest and asked Leon to take photos at the festival. Unfortunately we didn't take the actual photos until after some festivaling had been done!

I wanted to knit something simple, so I cast for Ysolda's wee Envelope. I knit the first sleeve, the front and the back: although I attached the back to completely the wrong spot, so I've just ripped that out. Needless to say, Ballarat Beer Festival  was a good time, even if it wasn't so good for the knitting.
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So much love

I have been working on my blankie recently, a few squares, here, a few squares there.
My goal is to do that during the year, and then get an advent calendar and knit two squares a day for those 21 days and then I'll be done and I won't know what to do with myself! Look how neatly it fits in my Porter Bin.

I was struggling a bit, because I mainly knit in boring colours, and I gave away and used up most of my pretty leftovers. And then Moorecat brought some leftovers in. Look how pretty they are, and how nice they are going to look in the blanket.

In more news of my lovely, lovely friends, Louisa found 7 grams of red yarn so I wouldn't run our, Sonia found a perfect match for my somewhat secret test knitting. While I'm now thinking i won't need Sonia's, she has lent me the skein so I  don't have to worry about running out. 

Hopefully I will have finished the thing by Monday, and I can return her yarn untouched. I feel so grateful for having friends who understand…

It's ...Tuesday, what are you reading?


I had given up on finding my Stasis socks, drafted a blog post about moving on and started my next project - a hat to match the Stasis Jumper and lost socks. I was trying to be all zen about it, but I think of myself as someone who doesn't loose things, so as well as the lost socks, there was the challenge to my self image, and the bizarre mystery of the situation. 

On Saturday I went to the jumper draw, and there thy were:

They had gotten caught up with the almost identically shaded grey jumper that was also in my bag on Wednesday night, and I'd put them away together! Oh the relief to have that mystery solved. Oh the joy to be able to be matchty, matchy when hiking in Scotland.

Nothing to see here, with a side serving of hysteria and confusion

I made a pair of socks to match my Stasis. I finished them on Tuesday, and left them on the arm of the couch. On Wednesday, I put them in my handbag and took them to the pub, because I was going to ask Skip to take photos for me. I forgot, until we were leaving, and then it was dark and we couldn't be bothered. The socks never left my bag: but I also don't remember seeing them in bag at any point in the evening. 
This morning I wondered where the socks were, but we leave the house 15 minutes after the alarm goes off, so it was a pretty cursory look. I rang the pub at noon, and they said they hadn't seen them, although the guy definitly didn't look. When I got home tonight, I looked everywhere I can think off - and my house is a bit minimalist, there isn't a lot of anywhere for a pair of socks to hide. Leon rang the pub again, and this time they definitly looked. They even looked more and rang him back. 

So where are they?

That's the mystery. They could conceivable…

Its (not actually) Monday. What are you reading?

Last week I was reading The Sultans Wife by Jane Johnson, and, 20 percent in I confidently stated that it was good. Well, I've now read 90% of the book, and I can say that I have rarely been so disappointed by a book. 
The main female character Alys Swann has absolutely no personality. None. She is entirely passive and boring and I don't care what happens to her. I'm nearly finished and I think I just reached a big reveal, but I'm not sure that I did, and I know that I don't care. All the characters are stereotypes, the plot is odd, there are presumptions made throughout - I still don't understand who "the renegade Hamza" is. One thing I've learnt, again and again and again is that slavery is bad. So, if you're on the fence about slavery, read this book. Otherwise read Jane Johnson's Court of Lions, a book that was an absolute pleasure to read.

I am linking up with 'it's Monday, what are you reading?", over at The Book Date.

Random January

Frequently with my knitting I am focused to the point of obsession. I "have" to get things finished by some arbitrary deadline. I know exactly what I am knitting next, and I have probably already wound the yarn and put it with the needles.

Not this January though. I'm knitting a pair of socks to match my Stasis jumper

I'm going to try to finish my somewhat secret test knitting, but I need to find some more of the contrast colour. I'll probably knit the first pattern from Kate Davies' new club  - which is a hat, that has a similar motif to Stasis. The first week has been announced as three accessories, so I'm really hoping for mittens and a cowl. If not, I might have to put something together myself. After that, who knows, I'm sure it will come together.

I'm also still preparing the yarn for What the Fade. I finished plying the yarn and as soon as I finish writing this I am going to skein is off the wheel. Then I just need to get to the dye shop to …